Chilli Poppers with Chimichurri

Pesto Princess © Chilli Poppers

Chilli Poppers with Chimichurri

Hello #LoyalRoyals

I’m sure you’ve heard of chilli poppers.

They make gorgeous starters at parties, and crop up on a few restaurant menus. ​We ​decided to give​ these little bites of fire a decidedly South African twist and put them on the braai​, rather than do the deep-frying thing. ​

Think slightly smoky, slightly charred jalapeños, oozing with delicious melted cheese and Chimichurri for dipping.

There’s more. ​

The entire recipe goes from prep to plate in under 30 minutes. We know​ you​’ll​ enjoy them.

​Making the most of the last days of summer​ 😉
HRH Kathleen

You will need

150 g mozzarella cheese (drained weight)
160 g pickled jalapeño halves (drained weight)
Skewers (metal are best but bamboo will do)
Pesto Princess Chimichurri

How to

1. Drain the pickled jalapeño halves and arrange them on a chopping board, hollow side up.

2. Drain the mozzarella and slice into thin strips.

3. Place the mozzarella slices into the jalapeño hollows and use a skewer to stitch them all together. This makes braaing them super easy. If you’re using bamboo skewers, soak them before threading so that they don’t​ catch fire!​

4. Braai over hot coals  for about 3-4 minutes (cheese side up), until the cheese is melted and the undersides are pleasantly scorched. Serve immediately with some Pesto Princess Chimichurri for dipping.

Recipe and food styling by Michelle Parkin.


Michael Olivier’s Choice

Perdeberg Vineyard Collection Grenache 2015Perdeberg The Vineyard Collection Grenache Blanc 2015

You’ll need a little cool wine to serve with these Chilli Poppers. Grenache Blanc is a newish variety not that often seen and the Perdeberg Vineyard Collection Grenache Blanc 2015 make a great partner.

Looks like I love the packaging for this wine, so elegant.  Packed in a Burgundy shape bottle under a cork closure.  In the glass a pale straw yellow with lime green flashes,

Smells like Ripe sliced pear, white fleshed peach and pink grapefruit aromas.

Tastes like The aromas express on the fresh deeply flavoured palate.  Brilliant mouthful of wine with a crisp, fruit laden ending in a lingering aftertaste.


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