Griddled Veggie Skewers with Halloumi

Pesto Princess © Veggie skewers

Two things we love about this veggie braai option: the jumbo oozy, griddled halloumi and the fact that family and friends can get involved in the making.

Don’t take our word for it! They’re too good for you not to try.

You will need

300g halloumi, cut into large 5cm cubes
1 x red onion, peeled and cut into quarters, then halved again to make squares
4 x baby marrows, washed and cut into 5cm chunks
2 x red peppers, washed and cut into 5cm squares
200g mushrooms (we used portobello mushrooms which have a lovely rich flavour)

For the marinade:
100ml olive oil
Zest and juice from one lemon
Salt and pepper to taste

Serve with:
Pesto Princess Tzatziki
Fresh tomato salad, drizzled with red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper and thyme.

How to

1. Prepare the coals. We used the Everdure CUBE™ portable braai. You’ll need medium coals (not too hot!).

2. Wash and chop all the veggies into roughly equal size and shape. Prepare the marinade by combining the ingredients.

3. Skewer the veggies, alternating and repeating until the skewers are full, leaving a small gap in between each item for air and heat to circulate.

TOP TIP: If you are using wooden skewers, soak them in water for at least 10 to 20 minutes before you place them on the fire.

4. Place the skewers over the coals and baste with the marinade. Turn frequently. Don’t be scared of a little browning or charring around the edges!

Once cooked, serve with Pesto Princess Tzatziki and fresh summer sides.

Pesto Princess © Veggie skewers


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