Sam’s Grain Salad with Harissa

We have mixed feelings at the palace today. On the one hand we feel extremely blessed to have had Sam Linsell on the Royal Recipe team for just under two tasty years. We also have sad news. This is Sam’s last Royal Recipe for Pesto Princess.

*sad princess face*

Sam’s world class photography, food styling and recipe development have attracted the attention they truly deserve from editors overseas, and she’s accepting work which will allow her to travel and explore beyond South African borders. We’re going to hop into Sam’s suitcase by following her blog, Drizzle & Dip, and keep an eye on her Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages, where she shares her beautifully styled evocative images and latest recipe ideas.

The healthy grain salad showcases our Harissa Paste which packs plenty of North African flavour into this simple summer dish. Pair it with the Chenin Blanc from Perdeberg Winery. Scroll down to see what Michael Olivier has to say about this popular wine.

Next month, we’ll reveal the name of our new Royal Recipe Princess, who is just bursting with fresh ideas for you to try in 2016.

Until then, take good care of yourself
HRH Kathleen

You will need
1 cup bulgur wheat*
1 vegetable stock cube
½ cup brown lentils
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp Pesto Princess Harissa Paste
Small parsley bunch, finely chopped, reserving a few leaves for garnishing
Small mint bunch, finely chopped, reserving a few leaves for garnishing
½ red onion, finely chopped
3 spring onions, sliced
½ cup rosa/cherry tomatoes, halved
1 English cucumber (or 4 small Israeli ones) shaved into strips on a mandolin

*Bulgur is a whole grain made by boiling, drying and cracking whole wheat kernels, then grading them according to size. It is available in most health stores and independent supermarkets like Atlas Trading in the Bokaap, or Fargo Trading in Observatory.

For the dressing
½ cup thick Greek yoghurt
¼ cup hummus
1 tsp Pesto Princess Harissa Paste
Olive oil for drizzling

How to
1. Dissolve half the stock cube in 2 cups of boiling water, and soak the bulgur wheat for 15 minutes or so, until it plumps up and absorbs the water.
2. Boil the lentils in a cup of water and the other half of the stock cube for 30 minutes, or until just tender. Drain and allow to cool.
3. While you’re waiting for things to cool down, make the dressing by combining the ingredients and piling into a ramekin to be served alongside the salad. Adding the dressing at the last minute prevents it from getting too soggy.
4. Once the bulgur and lentils have cooled, mix with the olive oil, harissa paste and season well with salt and pepper.
5. Gently mix in the herbs, onions, cucumbers and tomatoes and garnish with the reserved herb leaves. Serve with the dressing on the side.

Feeds 4

Michael Olivier’s Choice

Chenin Blanc from Perdeberg Winery

Perdeberg wines feature their beloved mascot, Merlot the Zebra, on every label, since wild zebra and quagga used to roam freely in the area. Their Chenin Blanc 2015 will team up well with the gently spiced grain salad.

It looks like: Elegant screw-capped bottle, easy to spot on shelf. Just look for the Cape mountain zebra. In the glass a lovely pale straw, with youthful lime green flashes when held up to the light.
It smells like: A classic Chenin Blanc – guava, tropical fruits and white flowers.
It tastes like: Fresh, crisp taste. Lovely chunky ripe kiwi fruit.

This one’s a great performer at a great price.

Recipe, styling & photography – Sam Linsell
Art direction & design – Roxanne Spears of Good Design


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