Harissa Paste

We have Tunisians to thank for this culinary wonder tool. Simply put, it’s made from chillies and red peppers, some garlic, oil and spices all blended to a paste that you can basically add to any dish. Your guests will think you’ve been cooking for days! Try harissa sweet potatoes, harissa-flavoured eggs for breakfast, chicken tagine with harissa or platters of mixed roasted veg crusted with harissa.

Got the idea?

Ingredients Tomato (tomato paste, citric acid), red peppers, vegetable oil (canola seed and/or sunflower seed), sundried tomato (tomato, preservative [sulphur dioxide]), fresh garlic, salt, coriander, sugar, cumin, red chilli, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, spices, herbs, ascorbic acid

Allergens None. May contain tree nuts, cow’s milk, and egg. Allergen control programme in place.

Weight 130 g glass jar

Shelf life 90 days from date of manufacture, indicated with use by date on the product.

Storage Keep refrigerated <5°C. Suitable for freezing

This product is Halaal certified.


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  • Slice sweet potatoes into skinny chips, toss in harissa, oil, cinnamon, cumin and sea salt. Bake off in the oven until crisp and serve with harissa mayo on the side.
  • Marinade fish fillets in harissa mixed with yoghurt. Pan fry gently on each side.
  • Make harissa-roasted lamb shoulder for Sunday lunch, by rubbing ½ cup of harissa inside and out. Serve with a yoghurt sauce and naan bread, and eat with your fingers.

Add it
Add harissa paste early on in the cooking process, so that your dish soaks up all those spicy flavours. It packs quite a punch in terms of heat, so don’t be tempted to go overboard.

Freeze it
Spoon paste into ice cube trays, and once frozen, store in a ziplock bag, for portioning out as needed. The whole jar can also be stored in the freezer without cracking.

Store it
Keep this fresh paste in the fridge. Always. If your fridge is not that cold, rather store in the freezer to prolong shelf life.

Keep it clean
Always dip in with a clean spoon to avoid contamination. No added preservatives, remember.