Pesto Princess © Seafood Pasta
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Spicy Seafood Pasta

Save this recipe for a festive seafood feast this summer! When the days are hot and the guests are plenty, a classic spicy seafood pasta and a chilled glass of crisp white wine are the perfect pair.  We used the Le Creuset Signature Shallow Casserole to make serving from stovetop to table that much more […]

Pesto Princess © Cape Malay Curry
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Summery Cape Malay Chicken Curry

This festive season, we want to make entertaining as easy as possible for you! Our ready-to-use Pesto Princess Cape Malay Curry Sauce makes cooking for a crowd so simple. All you need do is prepare your fresh ingredients, pour over the curry sauce, simmer and serve! Plus, it’s FRESH (so no preservatives or colourants!). Just wholesome goodness. You will need 2 Tbsp olive oil8 chicken thighs, […]

Pesto Princess © Roasted Cauliflower
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Roast Cauliflower with Coriander & Chilli Pesto

This Roasted Cauli with Coriander & Chilli Pesto sauce is a must-make dish this festive season, especially when looking for a vegetarian or vegan option that can take centre stage. Serve with chilled De Grendel Three Spades Cider (it’s made with pressed pure apple juice from Elgin, rather than apple concentrate and it’s refreshingly delicious).  You will need 1 […]

Pesto Princess © Snack Platter
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Easy Summer Snack Board

Entertaining a crowd? Let an abundant summer snack board do the work for you 😉 Choose your favourite pesto sauces and dips, add crackers and bread, squeeze in fresh fruit and veg like grapes, cherry tomatoes or cucumber, and you’re done! If you love gherkins and pickles, add those too.  Serve with a bottle of chilled, fresh and crisp […]

Pesto Princess © Air Fryer Steak
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Air Fryer Steak with Sweet Potato Fries

Hello #LoyalRoyals Can you cook the perfect steak in an air fryer? Oh yes! You can also make crisp sweet potato fries at the same time without the mess (especially if you’re using the new two-drawer VersaZone from Instant Brands – it’s a single and dual air fryer in one!). Keen to win one? Enter here.   You will need […]

Pesto Princess © Air Fryer Roast Chicken
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Air Fryer Roast Chicken with Harissa

Hello #LoyalRoyals Win yourself the new Air Fryer from Instant Brands – the Instant Vortex® VersaZone by entering our latest competition here. What’s so brilliant about the latest VersaZone model is that it’s a single and dual air fryer in one. In this recipe, we used the two-drawers for minimal fuss, minimal mess and the most flavour! […]

Pesto Princess © Grilled Cheese
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Perfectly Toasted Cheese & Pesto

Hello #LoyalRoyals The perfect after-work or after-school snack just got easier with the new Air Fryer from Instant Brands – the Instant Vortex® VersaZone. With the touch of a button (and with its extra-large drawer), you can level-up your golden, oozy toasted cheese game. Pairs perfectly with a hot bowl of soup, giving you more couch time 😉 You […]

Pesto Princess © Air Fryer Pizza
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Easy Air Fryer Pesto Pizza

Hello #LoyalRoyals We’re obsessed with the new Air Fryer from Instant Brands – the Instant Vortex® VersaZone! To test out the extra-large cooking drawer, we made the most delicious fresh tomato and basil pesto homemade pizza! If you have a small-drawer Air Fryer or want to use store-bought pizza dough, this recipe will work perfectly, […]