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Easy Chicken Enchiladas

Hello #LoyalRoyals We’re all about bringing you the heartiest, most wholesome meals with no fuss, no preservatives, and no nasties! In this recipe for Easy Chicken Enchiladas, we used our new bulk, family-size 1.2kg sachet of Pesto Princess Fresh Tomato Soup and we promise you, it’s a winner! Keen to stay plant-based? Skip the chicken and add stir-fried veggies […]

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Our Top 10 Recipes for Winter

Hello #LoyalRoyals Keen to add some great new recipes to your winter line-up? Here are 10 of our favourites to cook when comfort food is the order of the day and time is precious! Many feature our fresh Pesto Princess Fresh Cooking Sauces (because they really do make wholesome meals possible in a blink). Let us know what you […]

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Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Hello #LoyalRoyals I love a crispy spring roll dipped in something spicy, like our fresh Coriander & Chilli Pesto, but I’m not keen on deep-frying. So you can imagine my delight at finding that it’s possible to get that perfect, golden brown crunch with the new Instant Pot Duo Crisp™ + Air Fryer! By the way, these vegetarian spring rolls were a whole […]

Pesto Princess © Instant Pot Lasagne
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One-pot Vegetarian Lasagne

Hello #LoyalRoyals The item at the top of my wishlist right now? The Instant Pot Duo Crisp™ + Air Fryer. Why? Because it’s everything you need in the kitchen in one super smart appliance. And I mean everything: it pressure cooks, slow cooks, air fries, bakes, grills, roasts and even dehydrates – all while using […]

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Chermoula Chicken with Corn & Avo Salsa

Hello #LoyalRoyals Have you tried our Chermoula Paste yet? If not, you are in for a treat. This Moroccan-inspired fresh spicy-chilli-herby paste is ideal for pairing with any seafood, chicken or roast veg. With golden turmeric notes, it could change the way you cook, especially if you’re after a quick weeknight meal that’s packed with flavour! Give […]