Pimp my Soup

The word ‘pimp’ has different meanings these days 😉 You can use this verb when you want to make something far more showy or impressive than it was at first. Take a humble bowl of soup, for example. By adding handfuls of chopped herbs, swirls of thick yoghurt, pesto-flavoured croutons or crispy fried sage, you ‘pimp’ that bowl of soup into a realm of flavour-magnificence that leaves humble far behind.

We’ve suggested some easy ways for you to pimp our new soups, which have just arrived in the fridges of Spar and Wellness Warehouse. Sherry is the perfect wine to partner with soup according to Michael Olivier. He reminds us that with sherry being a protected name like champagne, we’ll have to refer to it as a ‘sherry-esque’ wine, or medium cream instead!

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For each of our new soups, we’ve suggested a simple garnish fit for royalty. These are the simplest of suggestions. Feel free to unleash your creativity and get pimping.

Classic Tomato Soup
We felt for a cheesy crouton to float on top of this classic soup, which is already infused with plenty of fresh basil. Toast slices of French bread under the grill. Flip over and top with slices of brie cheese (or your choice of cheese). Pop the croutons back under the grill until the cheese starts to melt. Float a crouton in each bowl just before serving.

Pea & Pesto Soup
There’s loads of flavour in this soup already, which uses our own Pesto Princess Basil Pesto as a key ingredient. We snipped bacon into small bits and crisped them up in a frying pan. The smoky flavour and crunchy texture complemented this soup perfectly.

Carrot Soup
This soup is delicate and softly-spoken, so we stirred through crème fraiche to taste, and decorated with chopped chives.

Red Lentil Soup
There’s a balance of gentle spices in this soup, softened with a splash of coconut milk, so all it needed to look and taste magnificent was a handful of well-washed, chopped coriander.

Michael Olivier’s Choice

The all-encompassing Monis Medium Cream

This lovely wine, which we used to call sherry, is the most ideal accompaniment to soup. Serve it chilled in a wine glass so that you can make the most of its lovely colour and aromas.

It looks like: Elegant packaging. In the glass, a pale gold amber.
It smells like: Barley sugar sticks and pine needles.
It tastes like: Silky smooth. Honey. Christmas cake spices. Touches of windfall citrus and plump raisins.


Styling & photography – Sam Linsell
Art direction & design – Roxanne Spears of Good Design


2 thoughts on “Pimp my Soup

  1. deidre benjamin says:

    I bought the carrot soup at Die Boord Spar in stellenbosch,i knew it would be good because pesto Princess makes it but even i was surprised at how utterly delicious it is.pesto princess you guys really rock!!!!!

    • Pesto Princess says:

      Thank you for that truly royal feedback, Dear Duchess Deidre. We really are too pleased!! We’re going to stick your words up in the palace lunch room for all the princesses to see. It’ll make their day. 🙂
      Thank you for taking the time to write!

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