Aubergine Pizzas

Aubergine pizzas

Feb_heading_v2We think these little pizzas are just the thing for those of you cutting down on your carbs. We’ve come up with an alternative grilled aubergine base that’s perhaps even more delicious than your usual pizza fix.

You will need
Medium to large aubergines – sliced lengthways about 2cm thick
Pesto Princess Red, Rocket or Basil Pesto
Grated mozzarella – Fior di latte or Bocconcini make it special
Sliced rosa or baby tomatoes
Your choice of sliced salami, bacon, ham, prosciutto or chorizo
Fresh basil, rocket or micro greens to garnish
Salt, pepper and olive oil

How to
Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Brush each side of the aubergine with olive oil and grill in a hot griddle pan. Turn when they just start to take on the grill marks. You don’t want to over cook them at this stage.

Lay prepared aubergine ‘bases’ on a baking tray. Spread a generous layer of pesto over each, followed by the cheese and other toppings. Bake for 8 – 10 minutes until the cheese is bubbling. Season with salt and pepper and scatter fresh greens over the top. Add a simple mixed green salad and you have an easy no-carb meal.

For pizza purists, the pesto toppings are also superb on a regular thin-based crust.

serves 4 +


One thought on “Aubergine Pizzas

  1. Elspeth De Wet says:

    Your Loyal Royal Highness!
    May I request recipes that can be made on top of the stove?
    Many of us have old fashioned, large ovens. They are expensive to heat. I have good, solid sauce pans, let us use these and then put on the grill to brown the surface.

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