Pesto Princess turns 20

Pesto Princess © Savoury Celebration Cake

Hello #LoyalRoyals

Pesto Princess is turning 20 this month!

Birthdays have a funny way of making you look back nostalgically over your shoulder at how far you’ve come. When we ponder over the business journey, what makes us most proud? Is it that we’ve grown organically from food market traders to national supermarket and restaurant suppliers? Is it that we still make everything by hand, 20 years on? Is it that we’ve created 48 permanent positions, with 12 more waiting in the wings? Is it our core value: people and planet before profit? I could bang on about the brand, the fact that we don’t use preservatives, the small-scale farmers, the mentoring of young managers and the bootstrapping, but that would be missing the point entirely.

None of this would have been possible without YOU.

You have touched my life, and the lives of so many people without you even realising it. On the back of your support, our staff have been able to care for their families, see their children through matric, purchase their first home, their first car, travel abroad, study further and live life fully and in abundance.

We just don’t know how to thank you enough for making a substantial difference in our lives, in our business and our country, simply by supporting our locally made, ethically produced, preservative-free and darn delicious products.

Here’s to the next 20 🙂

HRH Kathleen

Phyllo Cigars with easy Tzatziki

Perhaps you too have a big birthday or celebration coming up? These Phyllo Cigars with easy Tzatziki are always devoured with gusto!


Salami & Cream Cheese Bites

Sometimes the simplest snacks are the best snacks. Whip up these Salami & Cream Cheese Bites and add your favourite ‘extras’ like gherkins, radishes, spring onions and olives.


Savoury Celebration Cake

Now for something truly ROYAL. Our Savoury Celebration Cake! This is our pièce de résistance for a big party! Give it a try.


Food styling and photography by Michelle Parkin.
Food assistant: Lichelle May

Michael Olivier’s Choice

unnamedSimonsig Kaapse Vonkel Brut 2015

This was the very first Champagne style wine made in South Africa by Frans Malan of Simonsig Wine Estate in the early 1970s. Excellent for a celebration but a complete joy with food at any time.

Looks like Bottled in a traditional Champagne shaped bottle, under a natural cork closure and the little wire muzzle. In the glass, it is a gem-bright pale golden straw with the tiniest of bubbles rushing to form a crown around the edges.

Smells like Tickly bubbles, Granny Smith apples, and ripe, white-fleshed peaches.

It tastes like From entry, it is an exciting drink, bubbles dance on the tongue, and the wine fills the mouth with its fresh acidity well into the long aftertaste.


4 thoughts on “Pesto Princess turns 20

    • Pesto Princess says:

      Hello Lesley,

      Wow – thank you so much! Which two recipes did you use? We would love to hear how you enjoyed them.

      Thank you for your continued support,

      HRH Kathleen

  1. Allie Ebrahim says:

    Hi Kathleen

    Congratulations to you and your loyal staff for reaching the 20-year milestone. Apart from the many accolades that your organisation can brag about, what impresses me most is that “you did it your way” by going against the “traditional wisdom” of pure capitalism. Wishing you and all at Pesto Princess continued success in the years ahead…

    • Pesto Princess says:

      Hello Allie,

      What a wonderful message to receive. Thank you so much – this really means the world to us.

      Thank you for your continued support,

      HRH Kathleen

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