Incredible Lamb Chops with Greek Pesto

Pesto Princess © Lamb Chops

Hello to you all,

How lucky we are to live here in South Africa where the braai is often seen as an extension of the kitchen; where the sun just has to peek its head around the clouds for us to find any excuse to light the fire. And so we celebrate the braai with our recipe for lamb chops with Pesto Princess Greek Pesto. So simple and yet full of flavour.

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With love from us all,
HRH Kathleen

You will need

5-6 lamb loin chops
1 jar Pesto Princess Greek Pesto
2 Tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper
Fresh lemon to serve

Pesto Princess © Lamb Chops
How to

1. Place the chops in a Pyrex dish and use ± 1 generous tablespoon of Pesto Princess Greek Pesto per chop. Massage the pesto into the meat, cover and pop in the fridge for 8 hours or overnight.

Pesto Princess © Lamb Chops

2. Once you have lit your fire, remove the chops from the fridge and allow them to come up to room temperature (about 30 minutes). Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper before placing onto medium-hot direct heat on the braai.

3. Grill for 4-6 minutes either side for a medium rare tjoppie, or a bit longer if you prefer them well done. This will all vary a great deal according to how thick the chops are, of course!

We grilled some lemons, cut in half, to serve alongside the chops. Heating up the lemons brings out all the juice they have to offer!

Serve with the rest of the jar of Pesto Princess Greek Pesto and grilled lemon halves!

Feeds 4

Recipe and food styling by Michelle Parkin.

Pesto Princess © Lamb Chops

Michael Olivier’s Choice

Danie de Wet Nature in Concert Pinot Noir 2010

This wine is just so delicious with lamb. It won the 2015 SA Terroir Wine Award.

Chill it for about 30 minutes or so before serving, it adds so much to the enjoyment of the wine. Excellent too with seared tuna and hearty vegetarian dishes.

It looks like Bottled under cork in a Burgundy shaped bottle with the elegant De Wet label. In the glass, a gem bright cherry red which pales out to garnet at the rim.

It smells like Red fruit. Serious red fruit. Masses of red cherries, the tang of cranberry and pomegranate. Undertow of supportive oak

It tastes like From entry it is rich and complex yet delicate. Softest of tannins which are interwoven with the oak and support the cherries; satsuma plums, red currants and raspberries. Long aftertaste of this elegant wine.


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