Pea and Pesto Soup with Garlic Bread

Pea Pesto Soup

Hello #LoyalRoyals,

What do you do when you are feeling a little run-down? You know, that frazzled, frayed-at-the-edges type of feeling? Some reach for that glass of red wine; some go for a Vitamin B shot… but I go soup crazy!

It’s the thought of nourishing my body and my family with good, wholesome ingredients and the therapy of cupping cold hands around that steaming bowl which makes me feel so much better.

And so today, I present to you our delicious Pesto Princess Pea & Pesto Soup (made with no nasties…. I promise!) served with ridiculously easy garlic bread. I hope it comforts and delights you through these chilly months ahead.

Stay warm,
HRH Kathleen

You will need

100g unsalted butter
1 jar Pesto Princess Basil Pesto
1 crusty loaf, preferably sourdough
1 cup grated cheese
2 packets Pesto Princess Pea & Pesto Soup

How to

1. Preheat your oven to 180°C.

2. Combine the butter and Pesto Princess Basil Pesto in a heatproof bowl or jug and melt in the microwave. Cut the bread on the diagonal every 2cm to create small ‘diamonds’ but do not cut all the way through to the bottom.

3. Use your fingers or a knife to pry open each ‘diamond’ and drizzle in a teaspoon or so of the butter mix. I melted my butter mix in a jug and this made it easy to pour the delicious mixture into the bread!

4. Now for the grated cheese – squeeze it into the diamonds and don’t worry if it goes all over the bread.

5. Bake on a parchment lined baking tray for 10–15 minutes, until the cheese has melted and the bread is golden.

6. Serve straight out of the oven with our brand new Pesto Princess Pea & Pesto Soup.

Feeds 4

Recipe and food styling by Michelle Parkin.

Michael Olivier’s Choice

Bellingham Chardonnay 2015 

Bellingham has just released the Homestead Series made by their Master Vintner, Niel Groenewald.

The grapes for the Bellingham Homestead Series Chardonnay 2015 come from the Stellenbosch Wine Appellation. The vintage, amusingly called the Goldilocks because the weather was a bit like the Mama Bear’s Porridge, neither too hot nor too cold but just perfect.

It looks like: Bottled under screwcap in a Burgundy shaped bottle. In the glass it is a pale golden straw colour with some lime green flashes.

It smells like: Spun sugar, windfall citrus and soft sweet brown spice.

It tastes like: Beautifully layered lemony lime, canary melon. Crisp fresh aftertaste. Perfect as a glass on its own too.





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