Thai Pesto
with coriander & cashews

We created Thai pesto for those #loyalroyals that love the flavour of fresh coriander, and enjoy food with a bit of a bite. It goes really well with prawns and linefish.

Ingredients Vegetable oil (canola seed and/or sunflower seed), fresh basil, pecorino cheese (cow’s milk, calcium chloride, microbial enzymes, preservative (lysozyme [egg]), non-animal rennet, starter cultures, salt), fresh coriander (10%), onions, cashews (5%), almonds, fresh garlic, salt, fresh green chilli, red chilli, ascorbic acid, fresh ginger, citric acid

Allergens Tree nuts, cow’s milk, egg

Weight 130 g glass jar

Shelf life 35 days from date of manufacture, indicated with use by date on the product

Storage Keep refrigerated <5°C. Suitable for freezing

This product is Halaal certified


Click here to download the Nutritional Information PDF

  • Mix with hummus for a spicy variation
  • Mash with two hardboiled eggs and use as a sandwich filling
  • Spike your vinaigrette by adding a spoonful

Dilute it
Our green pesto sauces are thick and concentrated, so dilute them with 30 ml boiling water and 30 ml olive oil before adding to your dish.

Freeze it
Spoon pesto into ice cube trays, and once frozen, store in a ziplock bag, for portioning out as needed. The whole jar can also be stored in the freezer without cracking.

Store it
Keep our fresh pesto in the fridge. Always. If your fridge is not that cold, rather store in the freezer to prolong the shelf life.

Keep it clean
Always use a clean spoon when serving your pesto to avoid contamination.

Keep it green
Pesto naturally darkens when it comes into contact with oxygen, so you can cover with a little olive oil each time you use it. Rather than discard the darkened pesto, simply stir it into the rest of the jar, and it won’t be noticeable.

We’ve got many lovely pesto’s in the area, but nothing comes close to your Thai Pesto…
~ Lizette Harding, KZN

Truly the BEST pesto I have EVER EVER eaten!!!!
~ Christie-Anne Wolmarans

I am addicted! Lol!
~ Arlinda