Red Pesto
with roasted red peppers

We made Red Pesto for people who don’t like pesto. It is naturally sweet and that makes it perfect for cheeseboards and canapés.

Ingredients Sundried tomato (tomato, preservative [sulphur dioxide]), tomato (tomato whole, tomato juice), red peppers (13%), vegetable oil (canola seed and/or sunflower seed), sugar, cashews, almonds, tomato juice, fresh basil, apple cider vinegar, ascorbic acid, salt, fresh garlic, red chilli, citric acid

Allergens Tree nuts

Weight 130 g glass jar

Shelf life 35 days from date of manufacture, indicated with use by date on the product

Storage Keep refrigerated <5°C. Suitable for freezing

This product is Halaal and Kosher (Parev) certified


Click here to download the Nutritional Information PDF

  • Serve over baked brie for an appetiser guests will love
  • Spread on a pizza base and top with butternut and feta
  • Use to sauce up your burger

Store it
Keep our fresh pesto in the fridge. Always. If your fridge is not that cold, rather store in the freezer to prolong the shelf life.

Freeze it
Spoon pesto into ice cube trays, and once frozen, store in a ziplock bag, for portioning out as needed. The whole jar can also be stored in the freezer without cracking.

Keep it clean
Always use a clean spoon when serving your pesto to avoid contamination.

Keep it green
Pesto naturally darkens when it comes into contact with oxygen, so you can cover with a little olive oil each time you use it. Rather than discard the darkened pesto, simply stir it into the rest of the jar, and it won’t be noticeable.

… but I fell in love with the Red Pepper Pesto.
~ Craig Bouchier, Durban

One of the things I missed most since leaving SA! Can't wait to be back and dig into some Red Pesto with pasta and rocket, yum
~ Soraya Mohideen

… in desperate need of some Red Pesto.
~ Betsie Nortje Austin