Die pesto is gereed!
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Pesto en Paprika Broodjies met Eloise

Wat ‘n voorreg om ‘n vriendin te hê wat jou met koningskos bederf en jou opnuut die knusheid van winter laat waardeer. Eloise Nolte is so ‘n vriendin vir my. Eloise het my ook voorgestel aan die Pesto Princess en wat ‘n wonderlike smaakervaring het dit vir my oopgemaak. Eloise is ‘n 28 jarige, puik […]

A Fitting Father's Day Dish
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Kitchen Magician

My story begins the afternoon my dad broke into my mom’s apartment using a credit card. They were dating at the time, although I think the relationship was rather new.  Arriving home, my mom could smell a warm, tantalising aroma in the air; someone would be enjoying a delicious dinner that night.  She wondered if […]


The Art of Culinary Disguise

Aubergines. Radishes. Sweet potatoes. This is a disaster. I subscribe to Harvest of Hope’s veggie box and every week I’m excited to see what arrives. Sometimes it’s easy to see what I’ll make for dinner with what’s in the bag, but tonight I confess I’m flummoxed. Here are my problems: to start with, the teenagers […]


Perfectly Pickled

Now, by pickled, I mean the jam or preserve kind. Or – as in my case each year – the olive kind. Just so we’re all clear on that. Since my mother-in-law shared her recipe for preparing olives with me about 4 years ago, autumn means getting stuck elbow-deep in buckets of olives and giving […]