Pesto Princess © Tzatziki
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6 Brilliant Ways to Use Tzatziki

Hello #LoyalRoyals Have you tried our Pesto Princess Tzatziki yet? It’s the latest addition to our Pesto Princess range and we’re sure you’ll find it to be the tastiest, creamiest tzatziki ever. As you open the lid, expect to smell loads of fresh mint and just enough garlic. It has a thick, creamy texture with pretty […]

Pesto Princess © Chicken Gyros
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Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki

Hello #LoyalRoyals Have you tried the new addition to our dip range – Pesto Princess Tzatziki? As with all our products, we’ve developed the most creamy Tzatziki you’ll ever taste but without using any added preservatives, thickeners or flavourings. Here we’ve paired it with fried chicken, fresh tomatoes and toasted pita breads – so good you’ll be able […]

Pesto Princess © Vegetarian Bolognese
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Best Vegetarian Bolognese

Hello #LoyalRoyals On my plant-based mission, it’s been hard to say goodbye to that crowd-pleasing weeknight staple, spaghetti bolognese. No need to feel deprived. We’ve created this deeply satisfying vegetarian version to rival a good old ‘spag bol’. Let us know if it passes the taste test 😉 HRH Kathleen You’ll need For the lentil and […]

Pesto Princess © Caesar Salad
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Vegan Caesar Salad with Chickpea Croutons

Hello #LoyalRoyals If there’s one thing that restores my balance, it’s quiet, contemplative cooking. Chickpeas are up there with my favourite back-of-the-cupboard ingredients, especially in times of lockdown, and in this Vegan Caesar Salad they steal the show as the perfect foil for the oh-so-creamy dressing. Feel free to sub out, change up and get creative […]

Pesto Princess © Roasted Veg Bagels
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Roast Veggie & Hummus Bagels

Hello #LoyalRoyals Have you tried our new Pesto Princess Hummus flavours yet? We can’t decide which one is our favourite so we used all three to make these Roast Veggie & Hummus Bagels. Easiest desk lunch and 100% plant-based too. Sending love & lashings of hummus HRH Kathleen You’ll need 4 seeded bagels 2 Tbsp olive […]

Pesto Princess © Mushrooms on the Braai
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Giant Mushrooms on the Braai

Hello #LoyalRoyals Not so long ago, a braai wasn’t considered a braai without the meat. Today, these juicy giant mushrooms braaied to perfection, with generous bastings of our vegan-friendly Pesto Princess Basil & Lemon Pesto, make lighting that fire and chilling those beers so worth it. Got any other plant-based, braai-loving recipes to share with […]

Pesto Princess © Hummus and Harissa Salad Dressing
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Superb Salad Dressings

Hello #LoyalRoyals What is it that takes a salad from good to great? For me, it’s got to be a) the freshness of ingredients (and you don’t need many!) and b) a dreamy salad dressing that brings everything together with a little zing. Here are four of our favourite salad dressings – all the potential […]

Pesto Princess © Green Goddess Dressing
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Green Goddess Salad Dressing

Hello #LoyalRoyals Green Goddess Dressing. Just love that name! We’re inspired by the Californian classic but, to make this dressing slightly lighter and plant-based, we’ve replaced mayo with our classic Hummus and suggested Basil & Lemon Pesto instead. Keep the anchovies if you love them, or use capers to keep things vegan. With gratitude for […]