Pesto Princess © Harissa and Hake
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Hake with Harissa & Coconut Cream

Hello #LoyalRoyals Meet our superstar Pesto Princess stockist, Mother City Fish, based in Cape Town. They’ve just launched a brand new website that makes ordering fresh, locally caught fish so easy! Once you’ve placed your order online, ocean-fresh fish is delivered to your door, pretty much straight off the fishing boats. Mother City Fish can also bring […]

Pesto Princess © Vegetarian Pastitsio
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Vegetarian Pastitsio with Greek Pesto

Hello #LoyalRoyals Looking for the ultimate in vegetarian comfort food? We’ve got something for you. We subbed out the traditional mince for the most flavour-packed veggie sauce, topped with a creamy Béchamel and baked until golden brown (think oozy lasagna, only plant-based). We need all the comfort we can get right now, plus a few great […]

Pesto Princess © Burst Cherry Tomato Pasta
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Burst Cherry Tomato Pasta

Hello #LoyalRoyals I am at the ‘eating-all-the-pasta’ stage of lockdown – how about you? I also realise that so many of us are juggling more balls than we ever could have imagined  – homeschooling and working parents, here’s looking at you 😉 – so this recipe is super easy to make. Roast all the ingredients in a sheet pan, boil some […]

Pesto Princess © Two Bean Chilli
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Easter Weekend Recipes

Hello #LoyalRoyals This Easter weekend will be a little different for all of us. Instead of an abundant Easter feast shared with friends and family, for me, this weekend will be about making the very best of what we already have. I intend to disconnect from the news for a while, potter in the kitchen […]

Pesto Princess © Cheesy Garlic Bread
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Pesto, Cheese & Garlic Bread

Hello #LoyalRoyals Baking is a form of therapy in times of lockdown so I’m definitely making this Pesto, Cheese & Garlic Bread this weekend. It practically falls apart so it’s perfect for dunking into soup or dipping into baked brie or a tub of our Pesto Princess Hummus. Loads of lockdown love HRH Kathleen You’ll need […]

Pesto Princess © Aubergine Bruschetta
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Plant-Based Comfort Food

Hello #LoyalRoyals Truth be told, the last few weeks have felt like we’ve been trapped in the drum of a washing machine stuck on the spin cycle. Our hearts and heads have been swirling with problems to solve, plans to make and people we care about. Our superstar stockists and retailers will continue to stock the […]

Pesto Princess © Tzatziki
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6 Brilliant Ways to Use Tzatziki

Hello #LoyalRoyals Have you tried our Pesto Princess Tzatziki yet? It’s the latest addition to our Pesto Princess range and we’re sure you’ll find it to be the tastiest, creamiest tzatziki ever. As you open the lid, expect to smell loads of fresh mint and just enough garlic. It has a thick, creamy texture with pretty […]