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Pesto Princess © Caesar Salad

Hello #LoyalRoyals

If one of your resolutions this year is to eat a more plant-centred diet, then your life just got easier 😉

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite plant-based dishes below.  Use them as a springboard of inspiration and let us know how you get on.

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Plants rock, and so do you 🌿
HRH Kathleen

Pesto Princess © Pesto Princess Harissa

Where to find our vegan range

Much of our Pesto Princess range is vegan, including:

  • Fresh spice pastes: Chimichirri, Harissa, Chermoula.
  • Pesto sauces: Basil & Lemon, Basil & Chilli, Coriander & Chilli, Red Pepper Pesto and Sundried Tomato Pesto.
  • Cooking sauces: Fresh Tomato, Cape Malay Curry Sauce, Butter Chicken Curry Sauce.
  • Soups: Fresh Tomato, Pea & Pesto, Red Lentil with Harissa, Homestyle Butternut, Sweet Potato, Creamy Carrot.
  • Hummus in three variants: Classic, Hummus with Coriander & Chilli, Hummus with Harissa.

Find a stockist near you or order online.

Pesto Princess © Burst Cherry Tomato Pasta

Roast Cauliflower Curry

There’s no butter and no chicken in our Butter Chicken Curry Sauce, so it’s perfect for plant-based diets. Plus, it’s super versatile, meaning you get to choose your veggies or protein of choice, simmer and serve. Click here for our Roast Cauliflower Curry recipe.

Pesto Princess © Cauliflower Curry

‘Meatballs’ & Fresh Tomato Sauce

For this riff on a family staple, we’ve used ready-prepared ‘meatballs’ from our friends at Urban Vegan, baked them off in our Fresh Tomato Sauce and prepared some polenta for a change. Recipe, this way. 

Pesto Princess © Fresh Tomato Sauce and Meatballs

Buddha Bowl with Falafel & Kimchi

Buddha Bowls are the secret to fuss-free eating. Don’t feel bound by the ingredient list. Just use what you have on hand – and dollops of hummus always help 😉

Here’s the recipe.

Pesto Princess © Buddha Bowl

Vegetarian Pastitsio with Greek Pesto

We subbed out the traditional mince for the most flavour-packed veggie sauce, topped with a creamy Béchamel and baked until golden brown (think oozy lasagna, only plant-based). Here you go.

Pesto Princess © Vegetarian Pastitsio

Burst Cherry Tomato Pasta

For those busy weeks, it’s worth having this recipe up your sleeve. Roast all the ingredients in a sheet pan, boil some pasta and you’re minutes away from a delicious dinner. Here it is.

Pesto Princess © Burst Cherry Tomato Pasta

Best Vegetarian Bolognese

This deeply satisfying vegetarian version of the classic spaghetti bolognese is based on lentils that you might just have in your pantry right now. Here is the recipe.

Pesto Princess © Vegetarian Bolognese

Vegan Caesar Salad with Chickpea Croutons

Here we have turned the classic Caesar Salad on its head. We’ve lost the egg, chicken, bread and Parmesan and gone big on the dressing. It’s plant-based, oh-so-creamy, and the perfect foil for the crunch of roasted chickpea ‘croutons’. Chickpeas are a great pantry staple (and these croutons are good enough to try on their own – without the salad!). This way for the recipe.

Pesto Princess © Caesar Salad

Nourishing Buddha Bowl

Order a tub of Pesto Princess Hummus via or Mother City Fish. Spend just a minute or two slicing and dicing and you’re almost there. We’ve added some roast potato bites to our bowl, but you can swap-in chickpeas or black beans – whatever leftovers you have in your fridge or pantry! Here is the recipe.

Pesto Princess © Buddha Bowl

Green Goddess Pasta

We think this might just be the ultimate vegan pesto pasta dish. We love the creaminess of the blitzed avocado, the genius combo of zoodles + spaghetti and the golden nuggets of spiced tofu. Head this way for the recipe.

Pesto Princess © Green Goddess Pasta with Basil and Lemon Pesto

A Classic Pesto Pasta

Nothing beats a simple pesto pasta! Here is our recipe.

Top tip from the palace: Spoon the required amount of pesto into a small bowl. Add a little boiling water from the pasta pot – a tablespoon or two –  and a splash of olive oil before giving everything a good stir. Watch as the colours come to life and the pecorino starts to melt, releasing that familiar fragrance that fills the palace all year round of freshly picked basil. Loosening our pesto this way balances the flavours and reduces the richness of the sauce, plus it makes your little jar go SO much further. Pesto Princess pesto stands apart by being handmade in the true Italian style: as a concentrate, bursting with goodness, ready for you to dilute to suit your next dish.

Pesto Princess © Basil Pesto Pasta

Photography, Recipes and Styling by Michelle Parkin.


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