Cosy Up With These Easy Recipes

Pesto Princess © Red Lentil Stew

Hello #LoyalRoyals

Chilly evenings & six months of lockdown cooking have me craving easy, yet comforting food. Right now, these four recipes are ticking my boxes. Besides, they’re plant-based, wholesome and delish.

This is an ultra-marathon #loyalroyals, not a sprint, so feed your body, mind and soul to stay the course.

Strength & love
HRH Kathleen

1. Lentil & Chickpea Curry

Want to cook a healthy, plant-based supper tonight in record speed with just one pan? Enter our hearty recipe for Lentil & Chickpea Curry. By using our Pesto Princess Red Lentil Soup as a base, this one-pan wonder gets a head-start. We bulked it up with sweet potato and chickpeas, but any veggies or pulses you have on hand will work. Here’s the recipe.

Pesto Princess © Red Lentil Soup

2. Best Vegetarian Bolognese

On my plant-based mission, it’s been hard to say goodbye to that crowd-pleasing weeknight staple, spaghetti bolognese. No need to feel deprived. We’ve created this deeply satisfying vegetarian version to rival a good old ‘spag bol’. Here you go 😉

Pesto Princess © Vegetarian Bolognese

3. Vegetarian Pastitsio with Greek Pesto

Looking for the ultimate in vegetarian comfort food? We’ve got something for you. We subbed out the traditional mince for the most flavour-packed veggie sauce, topped with a creamy Béchamel and baked until golden brown (think oozy lasagna, only plant-based). Click for the full recipe.

Pesto Princess © Vegetarian Pastitsio

4. Buddha Bowl

One highlight of these strange times has been new and wonderful stockists. One such stockist is Grandadilla.Eats. We made this warming Buddha Bowl using their veg box, plus our Pesto Princess Coriander & Chilli Pesto, Bao Down Kimchi and Outcast Falafel Mix. Here’s the recipe for you to try.

Pesto Princess © Buddha Bowl

Photography, Recipes and Styling by Michelle Parkin.


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