Hake with Harissa & Coconut Cream

Pesto Princess © Harissa and Hake

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Keen to cook something a little different this week? Give this recipe for fresh hake with Pesto Princess Harissa and coconut cream a try.

Thumbs up for local, responsible seafood
HRH Kathleen

You’ll need

2 cups coconut cream
1 Tbsp lime juice
1/2 Tbsp fish sauce
1 Tbsp honey
1 cube or sachet fish stock concentrate
2 Tbsp Pesto Princess Harissa Paste
4 hake fillets (approximately 180 g  each)
1 generous handful of kale, washed and finely chopped
1/2 tsp fresh chilli, chopped
Fresh coriander, to serve
4 lime wedges, to serve
Brown rice, couscous or grain of your choice

Pesto Princess © Pesto Princess Harissa

How to

1. In a large pan, over low heat, combine the coconut cream, lime juice, fish sauce, honey, fish stock and Pesto Princess Harissa Paste. Gently stir and cook until well combined – about five to seven minutes.

2. Reduce the heat to low and add the fish fillets. Cover the pan and simmer gently for ten to twelve minutes or longer, depending on the thickness of the fillets. Gently remove the cooked fish and keep warm. Add the chopped kale and chilli to the sauce, giving everything a stir to combine.

3. Plate up with some brown rice, couscous or grain of your choice. Place the fish on top and drizzle over the sauce. Top with fresh coriander and a slice of lime.

Serves 4.

Photography, Recipes and Styling by Michelle Parkin.


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