Easter Weekend Recipes

Pesto Princess © Two Bean Chilli

Hello #LoyalRoyals

This Easter weekend will be a little different for all of us.

Instead of an abundant Easter feast shared with friends and family, for me, this weekend will be about making the very best of what we already have. I intend to disconnect from the news for a while, potter in the kitchen and make time to connect with my nearest and dearest (online, of course).

May this selection of recipes inspire you to create your best Easter yet.

Lockdown love from us all
HRH Kathleen

Autumn Salad with Roast Veggies and Couscous

If you’re looking for a substantial salad that can hold its own as the hero of meal or as a great ‘side’, then this flavour-packed Autumn Salad with Roast Veggies & Couscous is it! Use whatever veggies you have on hand and, if you don’t have our Pesto Princess Harissa, you can use pesto instead. Here is the recipe.

Remember you can order our Pesto Princess Harissa online via buyfresh.co.za or connect with our friends at Mother City Fish.

Pesto Princess © Autumn Salad with Roast Veggies & Couscous

Spicy Seed Mix with Soup

Did you know that for every single Pesto Princess soup we sell, we donate a meal to someone in need via Ladles of Love? Ladles of Love need our help now more than ever (they are helping the most vulnerable survive lockdown). I will be making some Spicy Seed Mix to go with any of our Pesto Princess soups. You can now order our soup range via buyfresh.co.za so that is also great news.

Pesto Princess © Spicy Seed Mix

Quick Two-Bean Chilli (Chilli con Carne minus the Carne)

The best of pantry-style eating, enter the Quick Two-Bean Chilli. I hope to make this as a brunch this weekend. It feels like a feast but it’s largely based on a few tins and spices (you really don’t need all of the ingredients – use what you have!). Here is the recipe.

Pesto Princess © Two Bean Chilli

Roast Chimichurri Chicken

My family loves a roast chicken and this one, stuffed with our Pesto Princess Chimichurri is always a hit. Don’t have Chimichurri? Don’t fret. Use any of our Pesto Princess pesto sauces too. Here is the recipe.

Pesto Princess © Roast Chicken

Pull Apart Cheesy Bread

This weekend calls for a lot of baking (more on that, later!). Try this pull-apart cheesy bread. Dunk it into soup. Smother it with melted butter. Here is the recipe.

Pesto Princess © Cheesy Bread

Fudgy Chocolate Banana Bread

We’re huge fans of Bibby’s Kitchen and with all the online frenzy surrounding banana bread right now, we simply had to get in on the action. Dianne’s recipe for Fudgy Chocolate Banana Bread made special with glossy ganache icing of coconut cream and dark chocolate is a keeper. Head this way for her incredible recipe.

Dianne Bibby Fudgy Banana Bread

Stout Hot Cross Buns

A few years ago I made Sam Linsell’s Stout Hot Cross Buns and they’ve now become our family ritual on Good Friday. This is one thing that’s not being forfeited despite being in lockdown. For Sam’s recipe, head this way. Thank you, Sam!

Sam Linsell Stout Hot Cross Buns

Photography, Recipes and Styling (except those by Dianne Bibby and Sam Linsell) by Michelle Parkin.


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