6 Brilliant Ways to Use Tzatziki

Pesto Princess © Tzatziki

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Have you tried our Pesto Princess Tzatziki yet? It’s the latest addition to our Pesto Princess range and we’re sure you’ll find it to be the tastiest, creamiest tzatziki ever.

As you open the lid, expect to smell loads of fresh mint and just enough garlic. It has a thick, creamy texture with pretty flecks of green cucumber and it’s 100% free from added preservatives, flavourants or thickeners.

Please give it a try and let us know what you think! Find it next to the hummus, pesto and pastes in your local SPAR. Since it’s new, please ask your manager to stock it for you if it’s not in their fridges as yet.

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1. The Ultimate Meze Platter

What would a great meze platter be without a tub of tzatziki to dip your sliced veggies or pita bread into? Looking for picnic inspiration including a three-ingredient flatbread recipe? Head this way.

Pesto Princess © Tzatziki

2. Lamp Tjoppies

There’s no better combination. Lamb + a squeeze of lemon + tzatziki. End of story.

Pesto Princess © Tzatziki

3. Chicken Gyros

When you’re planning your meals, consider adding our Pesto Princess Tzatziki to the shopping list. You’ll find it sitting next to the hummus at top SPAR stores in the Western Cape. Here’s our recipe for the totally delicious Chicken Gyros with Tzatziki.

Pesto Princess © Chicken Gyros

4. Flash Fried and Fiery Peppers

Have you tried Padrón peppers? Originally from Spain, they have now made it onto our shores. They are known as the ‘Russian roulette of peppers’ as they are generally mild but every and now and then you’ll bite into one that’s a lot spicier! Flash fry them in a pan and dunk into the cooling Pesto Princess Tzatziki.

Pesto Princess © Tzatziki

5. Veggie Crudité Platter

We’ve heard rumours that this could be one way to get the little ones to eat more veggies. If they don’t like tzatziki? Give our Pesto Princess Hummus a try.

Pesto Princess © Tzatziki

6. Fries, Fries and more Fries

Fries + a generous dip in tzatziki. You can’t go wrong.

Pesto Princess © Tzatziki

Photography, Recipes and Styling by Michelle Parkin.


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