Festive Royal Recipes

Pesto Princess © Christmas Turkey

Hello to you all,

We have thumbed through the Royal Recipe books for the absolute best ideas to share with you so that you can tailor-make your Christmas Feast to suit everyone around the table. Whatever it is you choose to cook this year, whether it be a full vegetarian meal or a more traditional roast turkey with all the trimmings, be sure it is cooked with love, served with lashings of joy, and eaten with thankfulness.

Wherever you are in the world, we wish you a sparkling festive season.
HRH Kathleen


The Traditional Christmas Turkey and Trimmings

Preparing a turkey can be a rather overwhelming prospect but I am here to tell you ‘do not fear the fowl’. My family will attest that I have tried this recipe again and again and so what you have here is a step-by-step guide to the most succulent and tender roast bird served with next-level roast potatoes and a festive salad with pomegranate. Here are all of the recipes that form part of our full Traditional Christmas Feast menu but be sure to pick and choose your favourites!

Pesto Princess © Roast Potatoes

A Vegetarian Christmas Feast

This year, I’m adding the sensational vegetarian Festive Christmas Pie to the line-up because I’m on a mission to eat less meat. I believe it’s one way I can help to conserve the planet’s resources. I admit it’s been challenging to come up with a vegetarian dish which is every bit as impressive and delicious as the traditional roast bird or succulent glazed ham but I believe we’ve cracked it! Here are all of the recipes that form part of our Vegetarian Christmas Feast menu.

Pesto Princess © Festive Christmas Pie

This Festive Christmas Pie is layered with butternut, spinach, ricotta and goat’s cheese, delicately spiced with our own Harissa Paste and encased in the most delicious Parmesan pastry, making it a fantastic vegetarian alternative to traditional Christmas fare. We served ours with Green Beans Pestolata.

Pesto Princess © Green beans

Relaxed Christmas Braai

Out with the snowmen and the reindeer. Christmas in South Africa is all about sun, sunhats, clear skies, braaikole, sandy beach towels and slops. It’s the chance to do less texting and more talking, face-to-face with the special people in our lives and what better way to do this than around the braai? If you’re after more relaxed, outdoorsy vibes this festive season, then our Relaxed Christmas Braai menu might be just what you’re looking for.

Pesto Princess © Rainbow Trout

As part of our Relaxed Christmas Braai menu, we’re gifting you a secret family recipe for the most perfect, golden, crispy potatoes ever… cooked in a potjie! If you’re feeling generous, screenshot this recipe and WhatsApp it immediately to your family group :)They’re that good. And you won’t be sorry you cooked so many!

Pesto Princess © Potjie Potatoes

Recipe and food styling by Michelle Parkin.


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