20 Random Acts of Kindness

Random-Acts-of-Kindness-+20_V2Hello #LoyalRoyals

As part of our 20th birthday celebrations we decided to perform 20 Random Acts of Kindness to honour many suppliers, service providers and like-minded business owners who inspire us on a daily basis.

One of the reasons we’re still here after all these wonderful years is that we’re surrounded on all sides by the most honest, off-the-charts reliable, ridiculously patient, communicative, utterly professional, humble, fabulously forgiving, informative, super-supportive and big-hearted humans who supply and service the Pesto Princess Palace. And then there are those fellow business owners who work with such passion and purpose that it keeps us on our game.

What better way to say thank you than to pitch up unannounced, with enough boxes of pesto, hummus or fresh soups to nourish, comfort and delight them, their colleagues and their families 🙂

After 20 years, we’re down to two words.


Thank you to you all for being with us on this journey
HRH Kathleen


We’re ecstatic that Faithful-to-Nature is just down the road from the Pesto Princess Palace. It means we can pop into their brand new shop to stock up on people-and-planet-friendly everything during our lunch breaks. Robyn Smith, their founder, is one inspirational lady. She made her promise to remain faithful to the wisdom and abundance of nature 12 years ago, and by gum has she stuck to it! We loved spoiling you guys.

Faithful to Nature

Safari Now

Did you know that Muizenberg is the headquarters of the world’s largest online travel booking site for South Africa and East Africa? The Safari Now team spends all day making sure our much-needed tourism industry keeps on ticking over! We’ve gotten to know the guys over the last year or so, and they’ve been really, really good to us, so we decided to make Safari Now the drop-off point for Random Act of Kindness #2!

Safari Now


Yuppiechef earns our admiration and deep respect for placing world-class kitchen tools in our hands, backed up by next-level customer care. We share their passion for cooking, for electric pink and home-centric living.


Standard Bank

No business can operate without a supportive bank manager who believes in the management team, the brand and the business. We’re blessed with Lionel Sylvester and his team at Standard Bank. We dropped in with Random Act of Kindness #4 to celebrate 20 years of business together!

Standard Bank


We’re super grateful for the guidance of our account manager, Shaun Fisher, and his team of pros at BDO Cape Town. They take care of the numbers so that we can spend more time in the Palace kitchens. To thank them for their patience with our growing pains we dropped off heaps of Pesto Princess Hummus for the BDO team.



When you walk out of the Pesto Princess Palace in the direction of Zemcor, the exotic aroma of roasting spices is always in the air. The guys at Zemcor are model neighbours. No matter how busy they might be, they’re always there with a forklift when we need one 🙂 We couldn’t think of a better way to thank them than with tons of halaal-certified hummus!


Fireworkx Internet

Steve Mathew, super-patient Ludwig Kruger and the Fireworkx team are there to help when we throw our pesto-spattered hands in the air ‘cos our emails aren’t working, or we need new inboxes. They nudge us when our domains are up for renewal and we didn’t even know. Techy stuff is not our strength, but hey, who cares? We have these rock-solid guys to lean on who can translate techno-babble into a language we understand.


Revprint Tokai

When we pitch up at Revprint all harassed and say ‘we need a giant cheque printed on cardboard like yesterday’ the friendly faces behind the counter say ‘no problem’. All of the Palace printing, laminating, copying, goes through their capable hands.


Water Components South Africa (WCSA)

We know something about making pesto but we know absolutely nothing about setting up an independent water supply. In January last year, when the water situation in the Western Cape was dire, we were completely stumped. Enter Wade Bales and the team from WCSA who just happen to be Africa’s largest supplier of water treatment components. They were crazy busy themselves, yet Wade found time to visit the Palace, come up with a plan and get a system installed which gives us a supply of potable water.



Fifi and the team at Infonetix make darn sure that our payroll operates without gremlins or glitches. They’re a chilled group of people that we see about once a year, and that speaks volumes about their product – it just works! It was great to get over to their side of the world for a change and drop off a #royalspoil in time for the weekend.


Wilson’s Foods

Oil makes up a part of any pesto sauce, and Wilson’s Foods has supplied us with a steady stream for years. Steve Wilson bootstrapped his business from the back of his car 21 years ago and hasn’t looked back. We deeply appreciate his investment in a top-class food safety system, and that he only sells oils that are 100% GMO free.


Nicky’s Spotlight Promotions

You might have bumped into some of our promoters in-store recently, who encourage you to taste our new Pesto Princess Basil & Chilli Pesto, or some old favourites. All the organisation is handled by the super-efficient Spotlight people, which takes a huuuuuge weight off the shoulders of our sales team. You guys absolutely rock, and we loved spoiling you rotten!

Nicky's Spotlight Promotions - resized


If you’re thinking of greening your business, the phenomenal GreenCape team will help you for FREE! Mahala! On the house! Gratis!

You know, it’s one thing saying you want to run a ‘green’ business and save the planet. The reality of walking this talk is pretty intense and often gets shoved aside in favour of other busy-ness. That’s where the super-smart Taahirah Ghoor and the GreenCape people come and hold your hand, gently reminding you that our planet needs every bit of support it can get.


Hutchings Service Centre

There IS such a thing as an honest car mechanic. Andrew and Trevor Hutchings are second generation mechanics at Hutchings Service Centre. They’re the kindest, most patient and above all, completely honest mechanics in the kingdom. That’s why we schlepp our vehicles all the way from Muizenberg to Maitland when they’re sounding throaty and in need of some TLC. 



Rotolabel is a massive company, yet that’s not the feeling you get when you’re chatting with their team about your latest print job. What we love are their many different print options all under one roof. Handy for smaller print runs 😉



Did you notice the explosion of coloured lids last year, as we moved to the bright and the bold from the plain white ones? Well the warm, yet super-efficient people at Massilly organised all of that for us!

Thank you so, so much for believing in Pesto Princess when we were just starting out.


Relianz Foods

When we’re busy making pesto sauces, pastes, dips and soups, there’s no time to shop for ingredients. That’s where Relianz comes in. This family business brings what we need to the palace door, on time, always meeting the correct HACCP standards.

Music to the ears of a busy manufacturer 😉



When Kathleen started making pesto sauce back in 1998, she collected used baby food jars from her friends, and upcycled them for her vibrant green product. She noticed how well the pesto kept its colour and how long it lasted in the fridge. Since Pesto Princess listed with major retailers the product has been sold in Consol glass. We love that it contains absolutely no harmful chemicals, additives or impurities. We love that it keeps food safe from spoilage and that it’s 100% recyclable.

Thank you Consol, for world-class, planet-friendly packaging and a great working relationship.


Rennie Farms

Farming is not for sissies. Without a rock-steady farmer in the mix, Pesto Princess could never have expanded as it has, supplying pesto to the far-flung corners of the kingdom. The solid team at Rennie Farms provides fragrant basil on tap, most of the year, from their many farms dotted about the country.

Rennies, you’re not farmers, you’re rock-stars!

Rennie Farms

Zandam Cheese

We hitched up with the Delle Donne family of Zandam Cheese at the National Cheese Festival and we have to say it’s been a great marriage 😉 We adore the way their pecorino cheese tastes in our pesto, and being of Italian descent, they just seem to have a knack which comes with their genes.

Zandam, you’ve been going for 57 years! Please don’t ever stop.




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