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Hello #LoyalRoyals

Come on. Who doesn’t love avo on toast?

This month we’ve zoomed in on this go-to snack and tested a host of healthy flavour combinations. From adding a little chilli to dolloping on the pesto, we loved ’em all! That said, when we introduced a creamy avo to some Pesto Princess Hummus, we felt they were both living their best lives 🙂

We know our experimenting will rub off on you as you turn what could be seen as a necessary hunger buster into something so delicious (and substantial) to be enjoyed on the fly for breakfast, lunchboxes or dinner!

Read our top tips and do share yours with us over on Facebook or Instagram.

With lashings of avocado love
HRH Kathleen

Top tips

1. Buy the freshest bread you can find

We love using sourdough and supporting our local Woodstock Bakery. The pre-fermentation that takes place in sourdough makes it a lot easier for your body to digest (as opposed to regular factory-produced bread) and ensures better gut health.

2. Find the perfect avocado

Cracking open a ripe avo is one of life’s simple pleasures! We love Hass avocados as they come away from their skin easily and yield a beautifully creamy flesh. Hass avos are ready when their skin is dark (as opposed to green) and have a slight give when you press them gently. Of course an in-season, South African avo is our first choice!

3. Try using hummus instead of butter

If you are vegan or have vegan friends visiting, why not try using our Pesto Princess Hummus instead of butter? It adds an additional layer of flavour plus that slight lemony tang.

4. Play with the slicing

Mushed up, thinly sliced or displayed like a fan, mix up the way you chop up your avo.

5. Ramp it up with a dollop of pesto

We topped some of our toasts with a generous tablespoon of Pesto Princess Basil & Lemon Pesto. Delicious.

6. Give it a chilli kick

Love your spice? Slice fresh red chillies over your avo with a squeeze of lemon. Or top with toasted sesame seeds.

7. Dress for success

Dress up your avocado toasts with a few simple touches to elevate them to the next level. Try sliced radishes for a peppery hit, some edible flowers for a beautiful garnish or carrot ribbons for added crunch. Herbs, rocket and homemade dukkah also work so well (we love Dianne Bibby’s Middle Eastern take).

The possibilities are endless!

Serve with a crisp glass of white wine.

Photography by Michelle Parkin.


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