Chimichurri Chicken Flattie

Pesto Princess © Chicken Flattie


Hello to you all,

This dish is for all those whose excitement for trying a new recipe is often dulled when it comes to that much-too-long shopping list. It’s also for anyone looking for something a little different to braai this weekend, especially if you love a flavour punch. Say hello to the two ingredient Chimichurri Chicken Flattie!

Chimichurri is a miracle ingredient, which ticks all the boxes: fresh, flavourful, preservative, dairy and gluten free. We whole-heartedly believe it will become a staple in your summer kitchen.

Serve this tender chicken with our cauliflower salad and you’ve got yourself a carb-clever feast to serve your friends and family this weekend.

The brick wrapped in foil certainly makes for an intriguing conversation piece 😉

With love from a summery Palace,
HRH Kathleen

You will need

1 jar Pesto Princess Chimichurri Sauce (keep about 2 Tbsp for dipping once your chicken is cooked).
1 free-range whole chicken, butterflied – ask your butcher to prepare it for you or spatchcock it yourself using this nifty video.

Pesto Princess © Chicken Flattie
How to

1. Place the chicken in a large casserole dish and massage with Pesto Princess Chimichurri Sauce. You can leave the chicken to marinade for 2–8 hours before cooking. Ideally remove the chicken from the fridge to get it up to room temperature about 30–40 minutes before plopping it onto the braai.

2. Prepare an indirect fire in a Weber braai, placing a drip tray in the centre of the coals. Cover a brick in thick foil and place it on the grid to heat up.

3. T​he coals are ​braai-ready once they turn pale grey. Place the chicken in the centre of the braai, directly above the drip tray, and balance the piping hot,​ foil-covered brick on top to help everything cook evenly. Close​ the lid and cook for 20-25 minutes before turning to ​cook on ​the other side for ±10 minutes.

4. To check that the chicken is cooked through, test the internal temperature of the breast meat with a food thermometer – it should be about 74°C. If you’re not the scientific sort, inspect the thigh at the joint, and make sure the juices run clear. ​

Remove from the coals and leave to rest for 5-10 minutes before pulling apart into four finger-licking portions. Consider​ serving that cauliflower salad alongside and an ice cold beer… and of course some extra chimichurri for dipping!

Feeds 4

Recipe and food styling by Michelle Parkin.

Michael Olivier’s Choice

Saggy Stone Brewing Company California Steam

We visited a Beer Festival a while ago and one of our happy discoveries was Saggy Stone Brewing Company. It is situated in the Nuy Valley between Worcester and Robertson, home to fabulous olive products and some fine wines.

Their California Steam is a lager I would choose for this dish. It is made to an old Californian recipe from the days when beer was stored in barrels underground

It looks like Classical dark brown glass, bottled with a blue label. Elegant simple packaging. In the glass, it has a good head and is a golden amber colour.

It smells like Hoppy. Citrus.

It tastes like On entry, generous citrus fruit, spun sugar. The beer is well balanced through middle palate and into the deliciously bitter aftertaste. Refreshing.


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