Lamb Wraps with Harissa and Yoghurt


Hello #LoyalRoyals,

Today we bring you the simplicity of DIY wraps for supper. We’ve used lamb as it pairs so elegantly with our Pesto Princess Harissa Paste but you can also try it with chicken or a more substantial salad as a vegetarian option.

Harissa is such a powerhouse in the kitchen so put it to work and let it give your dishes a flavour kick.

Wishing you all a royal week ahead,
HRH Kathleen

You will need

±500 g deboned leg of lamb or lamb loin
10 ml olive oil
Salt and pepper
100 g wild rocket
200 g cherry tomatoes, halved and seasoned
Small bunch of fresh mint, roughly chopped
4 soft flour wraps
250 ml full fat greek/plain yoghurt
3 tsp Pesto Princess Harissa Paste

Harissa lamb 4

How to
1. Heat a heavy-based pan over a medium-high heat. You can use a griddle pan if you have one or the braai would also work wonders.
2. Rub the olive oil over the lamb and season generously with salt and pepper. Our lovely piece of lamb was about 4cm thick and we cooked it for 7-8 minutes on either side. If you prefer your lamb a bit more well done, keep it on for about 12 minutes on each side. Make a small cut into the thickest part of the lamb to see if it is cooked to your preference and once cooked, let the lamb rest for 5 minutes before slicing it.
3. While your lamb is cooking, prepare your sides: heat the wraps to soften them (we find a few minutes in a griddle pan gets that delicious charred flavour and slightly crispy texture). Rinse the rocket and mint, slice the tomatoes and mix the yoghurt with 3 teaspoons of Pesto Princess Harissa Paste. Set these aside, ready to assemble at the table!
4. To assemble your wraps, lay down your wrap, fill it with rocket, tomatoes and juicy lamb slices. Top with Pesto Princess Harissa Paste yoghurt and fresh mint. Roll up and serve!

Feeds 4

Recipe and food styling by Michelle Parkin.

Harissa lamb 3

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