Seafood Skewers with Chermoula


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As you will know if you’ve been part of our #RoyalFamily at Pesto Princess for a while, there’s little that excites us more than celebrating the seasons! And this recipe does just that.

Imagine the braai being lit, a glass of cold white wine in hand and the prospect of tucking into seafood skewers slathered in the herby, spicy deliciousness that is Chermoula. Doesn’t that sound grand?

Make haste while the sun shines and put this super easy recipe on your weekend menu!

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You will need

4 generous Tbsp Pesto Princess Chermoula
1/4 cup olive oil, additional oil to grill
4 Tbsp hot water
500g prawns, deveined (approximately 14 prawns – you can buy them already deveined to save time).
500g firm fresh fish fillets (we used salmon, but you can use tuna or your favourite gamefish)
250ml cous cous
Small bunch flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped
3 Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
6-8 metal or bamboo skewers

To serve
A small bunch of coriander, roughly chopped
Fresh lemon

Seafood skewers 2

How to

1. In a large bowl, mix the Pesto Princess Chermoula and olive oil with a splash of hot water to create a marinade.
2. Cut the fish fillets into ± 3x3cm cubes and add to the marinade along with the deveined prawns. Give them a good mix to coat with all that delicious marinade and let them rest there for ± 20 minutes while you prepare the cous cous side.
3. To make the cous cous, place 250 ml cous cous into a large bowl and pour 250 ml boiling water over. Cover the bowl with clingfilm or a plate and leave for 10-12 minutes. Once done, fluff with a fork and add chopped parsley, fresh lemon juice and olive oil and mix thoroughly.
4. Alternate the prawns and cubed fish on the skewers. Heat 5ml olive oil in a large pan over medium high heat (or have the braai ready) and grill the skewers for ±3-4 minutes on each side until the beautiful prawns turn pink and the fish is firm and cooked through.

Serve with cous cous, a sprinkling of freshly chopped coriander and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

Feeds 4

Recipe and food styling by Michelle Parkin.

Seafood Skewers 1

Michael Olivier’s ChoiceWhite recommendation

The Asara Vineyard Collection Chardonnay Lightly Wooded 2014
For a dish like this you need a wine with class and a touch of oomph and the Asara Vineyard Collection Chardonnay Lightly Wooded 2014 comes up trumps.
It looks like: 
Bottled in a screw capped Burgundy shaped bottle with an elegant label featuring the Bell Tower on the Estate. In the glass it is pale golden straw with green amber flashes.
It smells like: Ripe sliced pear and white peach, lemony lime orange. Undertow of oak.
It tastes like: Crisp and fresh from first sip. Wonderfully creamy mouth filling wine. Fresh baked brioche, buttered and spread thinly with marmalade. The fruit flavours vary from sweet lime, melon and sappy white fleshed peach. Juice making long aftertaste.
It’s good with: Delicate enough to drink as a glass on its own, yet bold enough to handle food with flavour. Perfect with the Seafood Skewers with Chermoula.


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