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Plant-Powered Bowls

Hello #LoyalRoyals If you’re looking for ways to pack more fresh vegetables into your meals, then you’re going to love these Plant-Powered Bowls. We made them using the left-over Mexican beans which starred in our recipe for Quick Two-Bean Chilli (Chilli con Carne without the Carne) – knowing that if you do one big cook-up, […]

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20 Random Acts of Kindness

Hello #LoyalRoyals As part of our 20th birthday celebrations we decided to perform 20 Random Acts of Kindness to honour many suppliers, service providers and like-minded business owners who inspire us on a daily basis. One of the reasons we’re still here after all these wonderful years is that we’re surrounded on all sides by the most honest, […]

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Chicken Power Salad

Hello #LoyalRoyals If you’re tired of lack-lustre desk lunches or you’re looking for an easy meal to cook for your family this week, here’s one versatile recipe to keep up your sleeve. It’s part of our ‘Cook once. Eat twice’ recipe series. So you cook up a hearty supper (Roast Chimichurri Chicken, for instance) and […]

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Roast Chimichurri Chicken

Hello #LoyalRoyals This recipe is not all that it seems. You see a roast chicken with the most delicious chimichurri kick, right? Well, what’s really going down here is a cook’s night off! Oh, yes. Make this roast tonight and in the morning you’ll be taking an enviable Chicken Power Salad to work or serving […]

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Superb Salad Recipes

Hello #LoyalRoyals Now I love a good salad but it needs to be substantial. I really don’t want to be peering into the fridge again at 10pm in need of a snack! So here’s six of our favourite salad recipes for you, all in one place 😉 Share them with friends and family or scribble them […]

Pesto Princess © Chickpea, Cauliflower & Harissa Salad
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Chickpea, Cauliflower & Harissa Salad

Hello #LoyalRoyals As the year gets into full swing and we start the familiar, fast-paced juggling act of this thing called life, it’s often home-cooked meals that nourish and delight that fall off the chariot… but not this year! 2019 is the year of intentional weekly meal planning. Fewer ingredients, more plant-based meals, maximum flavour. […]