Pesto Princess © Ribs
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Sticky Ribs with Chimichurri

Hello #LoyalRoyals Breakfast in bed, an early morning surf session, a date with the Cricket World Cup and a cold brew… how will you be treating your dad this Father’s Day? This weekend we’re cooking these delicious ribs, topped with our Pesto Princess Sundried Tomato Pesto and served with generous blobs of Pesto Princess Chimichurri. […]

Pesto Princess © Quesadilla
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Black Bean & Pesto Quesadillas

Hello #LoyalRoyals For a few years running, cauliflower took the top spot for ‘ingredient of the year’. Mash, pizzas, rice, couscous… you name it, we were using cauliflower to make it. But, more recently, it’s the understated tin of black beans that’s having a turn in the spotlight. When seasoned to perfection, even a meat-lover will […]

Pesto Princess © Pasta Bake
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Plant-powered Pasta Bake

Hello #LoyalRoyals If you, like me, are constantly on the search for great vegan (and super easy) recipes, then this one’s a keeper 😉 Use our Pesto Princess Fresh Tomato Soup as a base (and rest easy knowing it’s 100% plant-based, with no preservatives, thickeners or colourants), and you’ll be serving up this piping hot […]

Pesto Princess © Beef Stew
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Delicious Recipes for Mother’s Day

Hello #LoyalRoyals Flowers, chocolates and favourite perfumes are a great way of honouring one’s mother on Mother’s Day. Yet when the last chocolate has been eaten and the flowers have wilted, it’s the quality time she spent with her children, and grandchildren, that will linger. If you’re lucky enough to be celebrating with your Mum […]

Pesto Princess © Butternut Soup and Tortillas
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Loaded Tortilla Triangles & Butternut Soup

Hello #LoyalRoyals We’re thrilled to be launching two new soups – Homestyle Butternut Soup and Sweet Potato Soup. When deciding which flavours to add to our range, we turned to our customers, expecting some weird and wonderful soup suggestions to come our way! Instead, requests poured in over and over again for the all-time favourite: butternut soup. With gentle Cape Malay […]

easter feast 2
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Recipe Ideas for the Easter Weekend

Hello #LoyalRoyals Autumn is awesome – ‘cos of crunchy leaves + chilly evenings to cosy-up with soup and a series. We’re also being ‘rewarded’ with a four-day Easter weekend for completing the first quarter of 2019 😉 Cooking anything special? Here are a few of our favourite Easter weekend recipe ideas – all of which taste […]

Pesto Princess © Asian Fish Finger Butty
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Asian Fish Finger Butty

Hello #LoyalRoyals Crispy pesto fish fingers on a fresh roll with a crunchy Asian slaw, anyone? We thought they were a complete hit, especially since the fish fingers were made for last night’s supper so the butties made a stunning lunch that came together in 10 minutes max. Don’t get stuck if you don’t have […]

Pesto Princess © Fish Fingers
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Homemade Fish Fingers with Pesto

Hello #LoyalRoyals When you’re asked to share one of your best recipes for the school charity fundraiser, a friend’s pre-wedding tea or with that miracle-worker cousin who’s putting together a big fat family recipe book, these Homemade Fish Fingers with Pesto might just be That Recipe. Trust us, they’re a big hit with kids (and grown-ups) and, […]