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Slider Stack

Happy New Year #loyalroyals! How are you feeling? We hope it’s fresh, energized and ready to begin another year! Although we’re excited about everything that’s in store for us here at the Pesto Princess Palace, we have to admit that we’re struggling to let go of that holiday feeling. We had more time with our […]

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Our Vegetarian Feast

Hello #LoyalRoyals For the last six years, I’ve done my level best to avoid complicated Christmas preparations which send me and my nearest and dearest into overwind. You know the story: endless trips to the mall, online shopping frenzies while buckling under all that commercial pressure put on us as consumers. What’s more, I’m always broke in […]

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Festive Christmas Pie

Hello #LoyalRoyals Not so long ago, vegetarians had to be content with the ‘sides’ and watch while omnivores tucked into the succulent main course. That’s all changed for the better thanks to pioneering chefs like Deliciously Ella and Ottolenghi among many others, who have taught us that vegetarian main courses can be substantial, sexy and good for […]

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Green Beans Pestolata

Hello to you all If you’re wondering which veggie or side to serve with your Christmas feast, why not try our green beans with Parmesan, pine nuts and pesto. They make a luxurious yet light accompaniment to any main, no matter whether you’re heading down the traditional roast turkey route or the less traditional, but equally impressive, Vegetarian […]

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Grilled Linefish with Thai Pesto

Hello #LoyalRoyals As we veer into the festive season at a break-neck pace, we thought of creating some easy, minimal-ingredient recipes for you to have on hand when the pressure is on. We’ve had a craving for fish of late, so here is the simplest recipe on the planet, using our zingy Thai Pesto! Use the SASSI green-listed fish guide […]

Pesto Princess © Panzanella Salad
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Panzanella Salad with Basil Pesto

Hello #LoyalRoyals Summer is here and that means salad season! We decided to kick off with this fresh panzanella salad – the ultimate celebration of glorious sun-ripened tomatoes. Commission your day-old ciabatta or any respectable bread that is needing a greater purpose in life, to soak up all the tasty tomato juices and dressing. Although […]

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Rice Paper Rolls with Hummus

Hello #LoyalRoyals Have you tried our brand new Pesto Princess Hummus yet? To celebrate the launch, we made these delicious, light and refreshing rice paper rolls. They’re totally dunk-worthy and much easier to make than they look. You don’t have to stick to the veggies in the recipe, you can use any selection of colourful, […]