Pesto Princess © One Pan Wonder
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One Pan Wonder

Hello #LoyalRoyals No matter how much we love spending time in the kitchen, we all need those effortless dinners that we know how to cook by heart and can throw together in a blink. Enter the one pan wonder. Big on flavour. Simple yet nourishing​. No fuss. Hardly any washing up. #toptip Any combination of veggies […]

Pesto Princess © Chilli Poppers
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Chilli Poppers with Chimichurri

Hello #LoyalRoyals I’m sure you’ve heard of chilli poppers. They make gorgeous starters at parties, and crop up on a few restaurant menus. ​We ​decided to give​ these little bites of fire a decidedly South African twist and put them on the braai​, rather than do the deep-frying thing. ​ Think slightly smoky, slightly charred […]

Pesto Princess © Vegetarian Wraps
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Mexican Veggie Wraps

Hola #LoyalRoyals! Aren’t we always on the lookout for budget-friendly, easy weeknight meals? Well, look no further. These veggie wraps are the perfect answer to making the most of a tight budget without sacrificing flavour, nourishment or eye-appeal. Assemble these wraps any way you like, guided by your creative flair and whatever ingredients you have in […]

Pesto Princess © Steak Salad
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Colourful Steak Salad

Hello #LoyalRoyals, Unless you’ve had your head buried very deep in sand for the past few weeks, you’ll know it’s Valentine’s Day! Perhaps you’re feeling a little anxious. What to buy? What to do? What to cook to spoil the one you love? Fret no more. We have the answer in the form of a most luxurious, […]

Pesto Princess © Salmon Tart
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Smoked Trout Tart

Hello to you all, Knowing where our ingredients come from is always top of mind at the Palace, so we were delighted to use local Oak Smoked Trout Ribbons from Three Streams Smokehouse in this easy pesto tart. Three Streams is certainly forging the way ahead when it comes to sustainable fishing methods and responsible farming practices. […]

Pesto Princess © Easy Dips
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Three Easy Dips

Hello to you all, This year I am trying my utmost to stop the impulse to reach for my phone at any given opportunity. Whatever happened to daydreaming, waiting for the bus to arrive, getting engrossed in a book or having a cup of tea with a friend without any other distraction? The good news […]

Pesto Princess © Rainbow Salad Jar
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Crunchy Salad Jars

Hello #LoyalRoyals, This year I have made two resolutions. Resolution #1 is to eat considerably less meat. For high days and holidays, when meat returns to the table, best it be free-range and properly brought up. I believe this is the biggest contribution I can make to the planet right now, and the health benefits […]

Pesto Princess © Beetroot Salad
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Beetroot Salad with Chermoula

Happy New Year #LoyalRoyals, I want to share a favourite budget-friendly and healthy salad with you. It uses the whole beetroot (stems, leaves and all), so there’s no peeling to do. We’ve created a wow-factor dressing which features our Moroccan Pesto Princess Chermoula Paste but if you don’t have any chermoula in your fridge, you can season well with salt […]

Pesto Princess © Pulled Pork
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Light & Easy Asian Pulled Pork

Hello there, Summer holidays are nearly here! Evenings are long and warm, and the frenzy of festive shopping malls is almost over. This recipe sums up relaxed summer entertaining for us. It feeds a crowd generously, and everything can be prepared the night before. It’s an icebreaker too if family and friends gather around the table […]

Pesto Princess © Buddha Bowl
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Fragrant Buddha Bowl

Hello #LoyalRoyals, Is the festive frenzy getting the better of you? Well don’t fret. This bowl of goodness is one thing you can make tonight to help you feel that little bit healthier and more grounded. A Buddha bowl is a wonderful way to combine nutritious ingredients with the tastiest of dressings. The idea is that […]