Pesto Princess © Leek Frittata
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Leek Frittata

Hello #LoyalRoyals *noisy trumpeting to get your attention* It’s SOUP SEASON again and we’re beyond excited to let you know that Pesto Princess soups are waiting for you in the fridges of top SPAR stores in the Western Cape. They need to live in the fridge until needed ‘cos they’re fresh and free from preservatives. […]

Pesto Princess © Mozzarella in Carrozza
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Mozzarella in Carrozza

Hello #LoyalRoyals Never have we wanted to welcome Autumn more. It’s not just the much-longed-for rain that we’re hoping will fall on thirsty Cape Town, but the excuse to turn down the pace of life, to cuddle up and watch a movie, to stomp through fiery-coloured leaves and to tuck into steaming bowls of soup! […]

Pesto Princess © Crunchy Rainbow Salad
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Crunchy Rainbow Salad

Hello #LoyalRoyals When you just can’t be bothered to cook, yet desperately need something nourishing, this rainbow salad will definitely do the trick. It’s a firm Palace favourite because it’s fuss-free with plenty of nutritional kudos on account of the raw veg. The hummus and the cottage cheese provide that little bit of luxury. In fact, […]

Pesto Princess © Avo toast
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Awesome Avo on Toast

Hello #LoyalRoyals Come on. Who doesn’t love avo on toast? This month we’ve zoomed in on this go-to snack and tested a host of healthy flavour combinations. From adding a little chilli to dolloping on the pesto, we loved ’em all! That said, when we introduced a creamy avo to some Pesto Princess Hummus, we felt they were both […]

Pesto Princess © Relaxed Easter Menu
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Relaxed Easter Menu

Hello #LoyalRoyals Truth be told, we look forward to planning the menu for the Easter long weekend. It’s more than just the food. It’s knowing that we can hit the pause button for a few days, go on long walks, soak up the change from late summer into autumn and sneak in a good few […]

Pesto Princess © Chicken Fajita Rice Bowls
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Chicken Fajita Rice Bowls

Hello #LoyalRoyals Ok. Like many of you, we started the New Year with a heap of health-enhancing resolutions. Then the urgent planning for Cape Town’s #dayzero took us on a most unexpected detour. We’ve been down that labyrinth called Groundwater 101 with our bevy of water experts and returned with the certainty that the Palace […]

Pesto Princess © Shakshuka
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Sweet Potato Shakshuka

Hello #LoyalRoyals We’re not the only ones who’ve latched onto shakshuka (pron. shuck-shookah), the substantial all-day breakfast dish, popular across North Africa and the Middle East. It’s the star on many a restaurant menu, in various incarnations, since it ticks a host of dietary boxes. Besides that, it’s forgiving and easy to make using ingredients you probably have […]

Pesto Princess © Chermoula Pork
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Pork Neck Steaks with Chermoula

Hello #LoyalRoyals I’ve given myself a challenge: add one new dish to my stock standard recipe repertoire each week. It has to be easy, budget-friendly and have the potential of becoming a go-to weeknight meal. This recipe for pork neck steaks with Pesto Princess Chermoula Paste might just fit the bill. Minimal ingredients, maximum flavour. And who […]