Pesto Princess © Salami & Cream Cheese Bites
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Salami & Cream Cheese Bites

Hello #LoyalRoyals This month marks our 20th birthday and, as part of our plans to celebrate this special occasion, we’re sharing some of our favourite party food like these Salami & Cream Cheese Bites. Bright, crunchy, fresh and so delicious! Make a plateful to mark a big birthday or family get-together, or use our celebration food menu […]

Pesto Princess © Caprese Wrap
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Caprese Wrap

Hello #LoyalRoyals For years you’ve asked us to create a pesto with a serious kick. And so, with red carpets and noisy trumpet fanfares, we introduce you to the brand new addition to our range: Pesto Princess Basil & Chilli Give her a warm welcome. She’s 100% vegan so you may want to introduce her […]

Pesto Princess © Giant Mushroom Burger
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Giant Mushroom Burger

Hello #LoyalRoyals We’re inspired by plant-based eating. It’s here to stay and we’re cool with that since it challenges us to step away from our standard go-to meals and see veggies creatively. Enter our bunless Giant Mushroom Veggie Burger, served with Pesto Princess Thai Pesto! Trust us, it’s as epic as it looks. With so much […]

Pesto Princess © Loaded Fries
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Loaded Fries

Hello #LoyalRoyals Easy? Tick. Healthy? Tick. This recipe for loaded fries has SUNDAY MOVIE NIGHT written all over it! Be inspired to make your own version. We’re in love with Camphill products right now so we mixed a little of their yoghurt + Pesto Princess Coriander & Chilli Pesto to make the sauce. Melted cheese, extra chilli and sour cream will […]

Pesto Princess © Flatbread pizza with hummu
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Flatbread Pizza with Hummus

Hello #LoyalRoyals I’m singing at the top of my voice about our latest recipe for hummus flatbread pizza! All you need is a naan which has spent a few minutes in the oven to warm through, plus oodles of fresh ingredients (tomatoes, herbs, olives) and a tub of our Pesto Princess Hummus. Tastes as good as it […]

Pesto Princess © Spicy Seed Mix
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Spicy Seed Mix

Hello #LoyalRoyals It’s still soup season here in the chilly Western Cape, and we’re using every drop of rain as an excuse to schlurp up steaming bowls of goodness. And if we needed another excuse? Well, it would be this spicy seed mix. So moreish, you’ll want to sprinkle it over everything and anything. We’ve been […]

Pesto Princess © Crunchy Tempura Veggies
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Crunchy Tempura Veggies

Hello #LoyalRoyals If you’re looking to add some extra flair to your bowl of Pesto Princess soup, why not try these crunchy tempura veggies? We LOVE how they #spruceyoursoup! An enormous thank you for your support, as always. It’s making a big difference to so many.* With much gratitude HRH Kathleen *Every time you buy one of our […]

Pesto Princess © Simple & Creamy Hummus Pasta
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Creamy Hummus Pasta

Hello #LoyalRoyals Bet you hadn’t thought of having #hummusfordinner. Her Royal Hummus is a superstar when it comes to picnics, snacks and meze platters but why not try this recipe for a simple pasta dish with a creamy sauce made from a tub of our hummus? Yours in 15-minute meals which are good for body & […]

Pesto Princess © Spicy Chicken & Avo Burritos
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Spicy Chicken & Avo Burritos

Hello #LoyalRoyals When I’m up against the clock to get supper on the table for a hungry family, I reach for the wraps. Use our spicy Pesto Princess Chimichurri Sauce as a novel flavour to complement the familiar fillings of ripe avos, lightly-cooked chicken, mozzarella and fresh coriander. Wraps are forgiving, versatile things. You could go […]