Superb Summer Salad Dressings

Pesto Princess © Hummus and Harissa Salad Dressing

Hello #LoyalRoyals

January is nearly over and we’re holding on tight to our 2020 intentions.

First: we’re going bigger than ever on our veg. Whether it’s what we’re cooking at home or what we’re developing in our Palace kitchen, we’re loving being a part of this plant-based eating revolution.

Second: we’re trying to be kinder to ourselves and to each other. As hard as it may be, we’re fighting the urge to send 100 emails by breakfast. We’re welcoming spontaneity (a quick tidal pool swim before work; coffee with a friend when we may otherwise have said ‘I’m too busy’), and trying to give ourselves more opportunities to connect.

And where do our two intentions collide? Often around the dinner table. May these salad dressing recipes inspire many a plant-based feast in your kitchen with those you love.

May 2020 be kind to you
HRH Kathleen 

The Essential Summer Salad Dressing

If you’re wishing your summer holidays could’ve been longer, then this simplest of salad dressings will see you being kind to yourself in the kitchen as you ease, ever so slowly, into 2020. Serve it over a crisp green salad or take it to work and drizzle it over a sandwich. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll want a jar living permanently in your fridge. Here’s the recipe.

Pesto Princess © Summer Salad Dressing

Green Goddess Salad Dressing

Green Goddess Dressing. Just love that name! We’re inspired by the Californian classic but, to make this dressing slightly lighter and plant-based, we’ve replaced mayo with our classic Hummus and suggested Basil & Lemon Pesto instead. Keep the anchovies if you love them, or use capers to keep things vegan. This way for the recipe.

Pesto Princess © Green Goddess Dressing

Harissa & Hummus Dressing

They say dressing maketh the salad. Or something to that effect 😉

Your salads and roasted veggie dishes will thank you for splashing this creamy dressing all over them. We poured ours over roasted butternut, beetroot and feta, then loaded on a handful of rocket leaves for crunch and Vitamin K. Get the recipe here.

Pesto Princess © Hummus and Harissa Salad Dressing

Basil & Lemon Pesto Vinaigrette

By using a jar of pesto as the foundation of this dressing, things come together quickly, so it’s become a thing to make up a batch of this Basil & Lemon Pesto Vinaigrette over weekends. Drizzle this lemony dressing over an open sarmie of ripe tomatoes on rye, or straight onto an avo and eat with a spoon. Of course, it’s good for any improvised salad, but better still is to make up a batch of couscous salad (roasted veggies + rocket) and dress up with Basil & Lemon Pesto vinaigrette. Here’s the recipe.

Pesto Princess © Pesto Princess Basil and Lemon Vinaigrette

Photography, Recipes and Styling by Michelle Parkin.


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